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Five Benefits You Didn’t Know About Hootsuite in Building your Digital Presence

What is Hootsuite and its Benefits in Building your Digital Presence?


Here are Five Hootsuite Benefits in Building your Digital Presence.

Hootsuite is a “Social Media Management System” or tool which helps social media managers keep track and manage many social network channels. It enables users to monitor and at the same time respond to whatever queries on their social media immediately.  You can view and manage your multiple networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all in one app.


Five Reasons Why you Need to Use Hootsuite

1. Monitor Multiple Streams in One Place

Among the platforms that Hootsuite is allowing you to manage are:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook Pages
  • LinkedIn Pages
  • Instagram
  • WordPress blogs
  • Vimeo, Tumblr, Evernote, MailChimp, Slideshare (via 3rd party apps)
  • Many more!

Hootsuite allows you to manage multiple accounts of Twitter, Facebook, and any other social media platforms. That’s the beauty of Hootsuite because you can add more than one account of any of the platforms.


2. A Team Can Manage Your Social Media Empire

Another good thing about this tool is it allows the social media accounts to be accessed by a team, not just one person. There are instances where aside from the social manager, the manager has a team who can also access the different accounts in Hootsuite. Also, it allows the administrator to delegate responses to different team members.

3. Manage Customer Service

One of the reasons you want to have a digital presence is to have your customer service in your social media that needs to be managed well. Hootsuite can help you with that, in fact, mobile networks or utility companies maximize the usefulness of the Hootsuite because it allows them to transfer customer messages to a specific team member, which can be managed overall by an administrator.

4. Completely Cross-Platform

Hootsuite can be used with different types of computers whether Mac OSX, Windows, Linux as well as mobile platforms. However, in terms of mobile app, the tool has different specific apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android, etc…

5. Analytics Report Are Sent Through Email

Hootsuite provides you with weekly analytics through email. It shows data and graphs about these classifications:

  • Number of clicks per day
  • Geographical information on the people clicking through
  • Top referrers
  • Most popular links

And, the analytics it gives you is all for free.

Hootsuite allows users to post updates conveniently to multiple accounts on certain platforms. The scheduling features are incredibly useful tools, it saves time, and it allows users to post to multiple networks at once.

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